by Jenny m Proscia

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This album is compiled of 'voice memos' (and a few rough ableton files) of songs I create through stream of consciousness.
The idea of a sketch is it will inform you of your bigger picture or what is soon to be the main product and these are very important. It shows you where you came from while explaining how you got there.
I feel that with this album titled 'sketches' I have created a sketch book of songs that I want to share with listeners to get feedback and interest.
thank you ~ jenny p.
(feel free to contact me at


released May 26, 2014

Dedicated to : Tiger and Whiskers

contact ~
singer/songwriter/album art ~ Jenny Proscia
shout to everyone in my life that made these words possible



Some rights reserved. Please refer to individual track pages for license info.


Jenny m Proscia Boston, Massachusetts

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Track Name: stain
I can't get past you
You're in my head
Coffee stained glass, I'm stuck with it.
White noise
makes it sound so good.
Just like my brain imagines it should
When I see you
My mind plays tricks
Makes me nervous
Signals a trip
I haven't eaten in a few days I think I'm nervous.
If you come over we can drink a beer
Watch a movie
Or just sit here
I think I'm nervous.
We could have two beers I would feel bad if my hand were to appear on your shoulder.
All I want is the company of another.
All I need is the company of my lover.
All she needs is a truth giver someone who
Cares for the future and
All that she needs
And Im afraid to say it might not be me..
I can't get past, you're in my head.
The coffee stained glass proves I'm stuck with it.
And I can't stand the smell of anything
And I can't stand the smell of that stupid guitar string, oh anything.
Track Name: thrust
What if we were back at the start
I just met you
Would it play out the same
nervous lips and smokey bedroom, oh
Would you do it all again?
Thrusted forewords
strangled backwards
your guitar strings shoot the life back into me.
Thrusted forewords
Strangled backwards
Your guitar strings shoot the life back into me.
Straight into bloodshot eyes we could stay up we could stay up all night
Wallowing in self sympathy but those scars they wont turn into pity!
You know
Very well who you're fooling
And it almost was me
It almost was, it was me
It almost was me
That was back when i didn't like coffee
That was back when you said you loved me
And if you'd take it back in an instant I'll stain my lungs with sympathy.
Thrusted forewords
Strangled backwards
Your guitar strings shoot the life back into me
Inside your raspy throat do my words feel good when they're spoke!
Wrapped in self empathy and how do I still think you're pretty.
Track Name: green
All the street signs in my town
They are turning an awful brown
Being marked historically
oh, historic me.
But back when everything was green
Fireworks are often seen
Lighting up inside steamy cars
In baseball fields and that lime quarry.
When your brother hit his fist into that snare drum
And your parents collection of cigarette bones
You waved from that steamship swallowed by the sun
Why is it always me who ends the story
Oh, and I've waved too many goodbyes
I'm tired of learning how to read how to speak
We've known each other since everything was green
Since everything was green
Oh your brother hit his fist into that snare drum
And your parents they, they collect those cigarette bones yeah
You waved from that steam ship swallowed by the sun
Why is it always me who ends the story?
(Why is it always me!)
Track Name: citrus
Sunshine spots
Heres another one
VCR again
Tape her face out of every photo and
Here we go again
Oh yeah you smell like citrus
Oh yeah it smells like citrus
Wait, Again, Again.
I say Wait, await, awaiting
This is all the heartbreak, I need to sing again.
All I can take its all I need to sing.
Wait a minute now darling
So fucking sorry
That we can't seem to make it work the way it should be
And I am, terribly sorry.
This is my way of saying I am sorry.
Thanks for everything
Wait, again, again
Say wait, I wait, awaiting.
This is all the heart break I need to sing again
All I can take its all I need to sing
Track Name: window
I had a thought that I was
Sitting on my bed and you were
Trying to get in through the window
Trying to get into my room
Do you remember
Sweat stains
Do you remember the way I came out the window to save you
Came out the window
Do you remember, the sweat stains
Do you remember the sex stains my breath
And I know
I came out through the window.
Do you remember the way that the wind blow through your hair.
I remember, construction workers saw our love story form before me.
And no I know I know
Sex stained my breath and I know it was wrong it was wrong.
On the cell phone
Sex stained my breath it was the cell phone
And I know and I know
And I know and I know
The sex stained my breath
It is something that I choose to regret, forget forget
And I know
The sex stained my breath
It something I choose to regret and forget.
Track Name: pattern
Do you need to know
I need to know
You're everything I could have ever wanted in my life
I am terribly done with things I call my everything so,
You see my solid colored eyes,
You see my solid colored eyes,
You see my brown colored eyes.
And I am sure,
the pattern on your clothes makes it clear that
you're the moody mess I need to cure
I wear solid colors
Because I don't really like the patterns
When I'm attracted to any girl
Who loves to wear the fuckin pattern
Cuse I know,
its something that I can't explain....
I'm a sucker for anything and everything anymore
And I'm a lover for anyone who's gonna be anything and more!
You see my solid colored eyes
You see my Solid colored eyes
You got these big giant blue eyes and I fell for them, I fell for them
oh I....
When I wear a solid color I'm sure,
I don't think that I have something to hide
I'm just attracted to the pattern on your side!